Why should I pay for a shoot?!?

Because you fucking should!

This crops up on virtually every shoot I have, the conversation always drifts to something like this.
I have been modelling for 5 years now, 3 of which it has been my profession. I work full time as a model ( and obviously I cam) but this atm is about modelling.

I love my job and I am very lucky that I do make a living out of my job. I’m not rich and I probably never will be from modelling but I pay my bills and that’s the main thing. A lot of the people I work with are hobbyists and for them it is value for money, so charging through the roof isn’t really my interest. working with these awesome great photographer and creating something incredible is!

I  hear tons of models saying they wont shoot unless paid because that is their time they are giving up: I agree BUT I personally would happily pay for a shoot to build my portfolio. I don’t often shoot TF (time for) but when I do the outcome has always improved my portfolio and gained me tons of extra work.
I worked with Starglider for over 2 years building and working on my work, my modelling my connections my form to get to the point I am now. I wouldn’t say I’m the best but I try 😀

I’m going to give you my personal list of go to photographer and makeup artist who I have worked with TF and paid, these people have paid me to work with them when they DONT NEED TO! But this is what I call “serve before sell”

This is them showing me how freaking awesome they are at what they do and I would happily work with them again, me paying THEM!
As a model your job is to prove to people that you are worth what you charge!
Sometimes you have to do things for free to get to where you want!

So my personal list,my go-to guys, the people that you should be contacting, yes you should be paying them too! YOU cant expect them to work with you for free when you need to prove yourself first!

My List
Sean Kelleher
Sean Carroll
Stu Buckland
Shot by AJ
Kristina- Sister of Sinister
Anna Fullbrook
Studio Visage
Riverside Studios
Pauls Studio Reading
Woodley Photographic
Deryck Banks
L.R.M Photography

I have not in the slightest finished with this list yet! So guys don’t cry if I haven’t added you to it! I’m just really tired and cant be fucked to update this right now as I kinda wanked myself into oblivion earlier after a sundayfunday on webcam <3


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