Venice day 4

Day 4 started with an hours shooting at the hotel, mainly just lingerie, a little boudoir set… Which will be up soon! But here’s a selfie in the mean time:

image image

Youll see the rest soon in my members only area! ­čśë

oh this made me laugh! Martyn and I were shooting some nudey sets in the bedroom and next door to him the Vicars were praying ? Half way through our set we heard them! If only they knew!

We had all good intention to head out and get some shots done in the beautiful sunshine but the vino was calling! Martyn and I sat for nearly two hours drinking and eating at the absolutely lovely Da Roberto!


The sun was beaming! It was absolutely gorgeous.

From here we moved onto the Giardine ( the gardens of Venice) we took a few little pictures there… Then got the boat back to San Zaccaria then to Calle Lunga to see the quirkiest book shop I have ever seen! A 30ft gondola in the middle filled with books, a bath tube full of books, a seated garden area with a stairs case ┬ámade of books, a fire exit with chairs surrounding it so that you can take a seat and view the Canal. The type of place that you only find the books you’re looking for by complete accident! The owner care free and smoking away!

image image imageimage

As you can see it’s a complete Aladins cave! It’s amazing!

Moving on- literally- we then walked over the  Ponte Tetta into Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo. In the campo stands the famous equestrian status, by Leopardi, a pupil of  Leonardo da Vinci, of Colleoni, the great mercenary who fought with Venice in the 15th century


On entering the vast edifice one is aware of the huge dimensions of this church. Known as the pantheon of the doges, this building is full of art treasures.

Some highlights for me were: The Bellini altarpiece with St Christopher  St Dominic in the centre and St Sebastian.image

A ceiling paining by The Baroque artist Piazzetta showing the Apotheosis of St Dominic.


The other highlight of my afternoon afternoon was perving on men from afar –┬áimage

I swear I was checking out the columns…

After being caught perving we heading back to the hotel to get ourselves ready for our dinner! Heading to our favourite restaurant Agli Artisit!

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