Ultimate Pedal Babes

So as most of you know I don’t like working weekends but yesterday I made the exception (I actually had two shoots yesterday) but the first one was AWESOME!

I’ve worked with UPB for a while now so thought I’d do a little blog spot about them. A little tiny bit about the:
Hot girls pedal pumping, driving and revving their cars hard! If you’re looking for videos of sexy girls pedal pumping, driving and revving cars then you’ve found just the place!”

If you don’t know what they ate after reading that, then you are a muppet! SO yeah basically I spent the morning doing  a few videos for them, pedal pumping, revving, all of the above! It’s a nice easy fun day!
The team are easy to work with, so easy going, creative in their story boards.. its just an all round easy fun morning! We actually decided to mix it up a little bit yesterday. They’ve had a few personal requests recently, things like “girls in stockings” “nude feet” that sorta thing… soooo yesterday… we did stockings!! and I thought I’d mix it up a little with a little PVC dress too! YES we did!!

GO check it out guys! I am more than sure you will love it!