To a whole new world!

My first ever experience of shrooms!

Everyone has this idea that shrooms take you to this whole new world. Well unfortunately I didn’t quite get there but I did have an amazing time!
You 100% need to be with good company! Bad company and bad vibes can complete kill your buzz, you can go from really happy to panic In a second depending on other peoples moods around you. Which I did…. Ash had a little strange outburst and it put my into a tiny panic but nothing to overexhaggerate about..
To start with its strange, you are perfectly fine, then (for me) I got very anxious, hot and felt a little sick. This overwhelming anxiousness just took over for a few minutes, for me this is when I know the ride is about to start ??

I don’t get the whole tingling up the back, I just felt anxious and wanted puke. Then I’m good.
Then my body became light, no density to it. The floors started to warp and the ceilings. Not in a scary way but in the way that they just bubbled and looked like they were breathing is the only way to describe it. Inanimate object breathing. Yes I know I sound crazy … ? not crazy just munching shrooms. So yeah everything just breaths. I wasn’t quite at the stage of things morphing into other objects but I kinda wish I was… I laugh at nothing, everything is funny. Its hard work getting out any sentence.
What would be a 5 second sentence turns into about 30 seconds at best! Just because your brain seems to stop thinking. It’s hard work but it’s fun.
Everything becomes a fixation, I watched the keyboard on my phone start rising. Each letter come out of the phone and then the skin on my thumbs started to move. My skin just seemed to move. In such a fascinating way. It was hard not to just stare at it dancing on my hand creating pretty pieces of art.
It’s kind of like anything you look at is telling you a story and it’s hard to just ignore it.
In saying that it’s very easy to become distracted too by anything and everything. Its like your mind is on overdrive thinking all these things and your body just can’t keep it. The ups are amazing but the “coming down” just isn’t as fun, all these emotions. One I’ve noticed I get a lot, is the want for more. It’s like an overwhelming sadness that it’s coming to an end and you think, damn “I could have had a little more” or “I just want a little more, where can I get some” because you’re so happy and carefree and coming down to reality sucks. I can see why people can “become addicted” I don’t think addicted is the right term but I can see why people overdose tbh.
Oh another thing you’re hearing is crazy on point! You hear everything. You can hear people chewing from over the other side of the room and my God does it drive you mad. Pet hates are horrible to shift when you’re a little high, for me, they just wound me up so much. Hearing someone chew or breath …
Another thing I noticed is how much more I pay attention to detail, specially people. I always see people but seeing them like this is so different. You look at a person and everything around them just goes out of focus and you are solely focuses on that person and their face, their structure, their eyes. It’s strange to say it but it’s like you actually see someone’s personality instead of their looks and their personalities really aren’t that nice, looking at people around me I found them really ugly. It’s like seeing someone for who they really are.
It’s also very easy to lose where you are, we were heading to the airport to catch another flight as we started to climb, it wasn’t until we were in the airport that I even realised I was in the airport…. Back to the coming down. It’s horrendous. I know it’s starting to wear off when I start to get a bit paranoid, things feel very close, sounds feel close, people feel close. You know that feeling you get when someone stands close to you and you don’t realise until you turn round and it makes you jump. It’s like that, accept no one is there but you see these shapes and patterns that you can’t explain. That’s my paranoia kicking in, and then I just get a little sad and tired! Trying to sleep whilst it’s all still flowing through your body is bloody hard work! Paranoia to another level completely. I found it a little difficult to realise I was falling, I couldn’t tell I was drifting off and I couldn’t wake myself up, even though I was a little frightened, for no particular reason! BUT apart from all that! It’s was Fucking amazing!

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