The makeup sex

After last weeks little incident, the puking, the nose bleed, I thought it be best to suck up my pride and try and sort things out with my buddy. Well lets just say its all sorted…
Although I must say my first fuck of 2016 was not overly impressive. Have you ever wanted to put a watch on during sex, just so you can check the time?
I wasn’t overly going to go into detail about this but then I remembered, that’s why you guys come and read my diary…
So Dear Diary,
I slept with a guy because I wanted attention… He’s genuinely quite a nice guy, but I don’t want to date him, I know he likes me and I’ve told him exactly where I am, I think I was having one of these feeling really shitty about myself days. I pretty much text him at 9pm (45minutes before I was off out for the night) to come over and get down to it… and I really shouldn’t have. He’s got attached and I’ve got him out of my system.
He’s such a good boy and that’s kinda it, a boy.
Remember the man I told you about, the one who spent hours teasing, tempting etc lets call him “Buddha” well Buddha has ruined sex for me! Nothing since has compared!

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