The day I’ve been waiting for ?

Today is the best day of all! I’ve been waiting for this day all year!

I got to dress up! Yay yay yay!

I only have my own snaps at the moment but obviously I’ll be posting some when I get the edits. These will be public so everyone will be able to see them!

The day itself was pretty simple! You can’t overly get around much when you’re in costume, everywhere you turn there is someone asking for a picture which is fine, but a 3 minute walk turns into a 45 minute stop start!

I can say I had my first ever drink in the Piazza  at the Quadri Cafe, all dressed up watching the  Orchestra play!


After a quick morning Sprite we jumped on the boat to Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore for a quite shoot, the island was virtually empty ? You can get the most amazing panoramic view from here!

And guess who we bumped into THE VICARS!

They really do make me laugh! They are so friendly and so nice but my god whenever Martyn and I are up to no good they seem to pop up ( I’d just flashed a little leg)

The headed down the Palazzo Contarino ( bovolo, the name bovolo because the outside stair case is in a snail shape!) so gorgeous! Another place you could see for miles!

Oh oh oh and now for the best bit! My second gondola ride! Which Took us through some very intimate canals leading us out onto the Grande Canal, the highlight of my ride! Mr gondola man span is round in the Grand Canal so that we could get a 360 of the place ? I really couldn’t love Venice any more than I already do! ?




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