The day I became a lesbian

Full Video:
Videographer: Deryck Banks
Lead Singer/ Boy : Rachel Evans
Girlfriend: Jodie Ellen

January might have been a little odd for me actually… I had the absolute please of working with Rachel Evans and Deryck Banks on a little music video. Deryck is fantastic videographer, I worked with Deryck two years ago on a little photography project and felt like I met a long lost friend! One of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Randomly out of the blue he calls me and asks me to come along for the day to shoot a little video with him and his good friend Rachel. I’ve never met Rae before and I was a little frightened as you never really know what to expect with models.
I’ve met a few models that’s I’ve honestly been itching to get away from and have prayed to God I never get partnered up with again and I’ve met some models (like Rae) that I’ve never wanted to leave! Rae is such a beautiful talented woman, so friendly, welcoming ( this is where you see the lesbian in me coming out) Rae and her beautiful family welcomed with me open arms into their home. Working with her was an absolute blast! I couldn’t have asked for a better model to shoot this scenario with! Rae sang the backing to this which was just the start of her talent!
I could honestly go on for hours about how beautiful she is and soothing and HOTTT!! But I’ll keep it simple SHES BANGING!

A huge thankyou for Deryck for making this happen:

Full Video :

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