Scotty Ziegler – Fantasy Fest 2015

Last year I had an amazing opportunity to meet Scotty Ziegler at the all amazing “FantasyFest2015”
I cant even put this event into words

It started off a little bit bumpy, but eventually it turned into one of the most amazing events I have ever been too. On my third day of being there I met this wonderful guy who offered to pay for my lunch at the gorgeous seafood restaurant Conch Republic I was a little sceptical but he was so amazing <3  after spending a little while at lunch with him, I spent the afternoon on a little boat, having a private tour of the island and then finally heading back to land to spend the remainder of the afternoon in Fairvilla Megastore with him trying on the most amazing outfits and having an amazing time, I would say the perfect first date.
So later that evening I head out to meet him in town, wearing the beautiful outfit he had brought me that afternoon ( you know the gold necklace in my gold body paint session – yes just that) so heading out to meet him and his friends they take me to this gorgeous art gallery… now I’m falling in love! The MOST perfect dates right? oh did I mention the art gallery was free alcohol? I spent the rest of my holiday with this guy and I couldn’t have been happier. On the night of the parade we had reserved seats at the art gallery and on that night he brought me something that I’ll never forget and what no one will ever be able to replace:

image3 (1) image4 (1) image5 (1)

He brought me the art book of Scotty Ziegler, I couldn’t believe it. This man knows the way to my heart ha! Scotty and Angie ( his wife) were so amazing with us, they were such great company and I wish them all the best! Scotty actually edited one of his painting for “my man” so that it looked more like me, Scotty added the tattoos in and also made the nipples a little smaller *baby nipples* because I have little iddy biddy nipples!

When I have my own home, his art work will be one of the first I’ll be purchasing to put up in my house! GOD I LOVE HIS WORK

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