Rape Role Play?

Can anybody else relate to this?
I sometimes look at people and seem to analyse their sex life by how they look… In themselves and at one another…

Im doing it a hell of alot recently specially with couples. Most of my friends are in relationships and we tend to talk about our sex lives (being girls everything inch is spoken about, literally) now I’ve always know the limits with them. I know after dropping a few bombs on them with my sex life I can’t exactly tell them everything because they just don’t get it. But I actually feel like I have some magical sex life detector in my brain ?
I saw my friend and her bf the other and ( I don’t know who else does this) my first reaction was, “there is no way she lets him do…. well anything” and obviously speaking to her in general and the girly chats there is literally no sex life there…
it’s not just them it’s everyone I seem to look at, at the moment. I just seem to see these two sexual characters in front of me… instead of people…. I just see their sex life.. and honestly, I clearly need new friends ?

I’m wondering how many people out there settle in relationships and never really fulfil their fantasies. Which also brings me onto another question. Should fantasies stay fantasies or should they be explored?

Let’s throw a hypothetical out there:
Situation: Rape Role Play
A couple: the boy maybe the girl fantasies about this particular situation. Watches porn to this, and gets off to this.
The couple are comfortable enough to be able to tell each other about this fantasy and are happy to explore that with one another.
Personally I think that’s absolutely fantastic, they’re comfortable and safe with one another.
BUT this is a massive taboo in our culture.. why? Did I just bring up culture? Am I growing up? Hmm ? I digress…
So I was reading an article the other day about rape role play from a porn star… she was being absolutely slated for filming the scenes of this? Why?!? Because it’s bad… but her response was… I’d rather someone live out their fantasies with me and keep it in their room, than go out and actually do it to somebody (I’d agree with this) BUT the response threw me a little… which was along the lines of: People watch this again and again and then become hardened ( haha ?literally) to it. Basically saying that when you see something enough you don’t think it’s as bad.
Like the first time you see a dead body it’s horrifying, you’re probably sick, the second time, just as frightening but maybe not so much, third time, it starts to get easier.
I guess it’s the same with this porn situation.
They becomes so desensitised to it that maybe they don’t see it as something wrong.

I’m actually fighting my own battle with this argument because I actually see both sides of the story.
Although I’d much rather play it out in the bedroom ? or a quick snatch on the street ? I mean… it’s got to be realistic right…. ?

Anyways people… what’s your opinion on this?

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  1. I’m more concerned about if you analysed me in this way the other day ? but referring to you’re friend that you mentioned – they says it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for…

  2. Haha I analyse everyone!!!

    But yes they do say it’s the quiet ones, which I’ve also put into practise and it’s 98% not true!

    I think this statement was factored up by “quiet ones” to mind fuck men!
    Another genuin woman move!

  3. hi there what a great topic, this a subject ive discussed in depth with my cousin, her and i are very keen to explore this fantasy, we have discussed it in fine detail, we both agreed like you it has to be realistic, from start to finish its not just a bunk up in the dark, its about controll fear and anxiousness having one person become to the others way, but do also agree that things can get crossed wired like you mentioned, doing something enought can make it sound ok, however i think we are humans and no righht from wrong so would hope that yes it maybe a taboo subject but can be kept to our bedrooms, obviously im a guy thats open with my sexuality and also my life, as you guessed i talked bout this with my cousin, you do the maths hehehe

  4. hi there jodie, what such taboo subject you chose to pick up on, im amazed you appraoched it, me myself am currently in final talks with my cousin laura on how to go about it, as i agree with you sometimes its ok to act out the darker stuff thats in our heads, makes our daily lifes pass that little easier and i guess kinkier to,
    role play rape hmmm im for it, as long as both parties know how far to take it, as i said my self and laura are in final stages of our plans for her fantasy to come true in a controlled enviroment, but aslo taking it to the limits of role play etc, like you said its not justa quicky or a sexual encounter its everything that goes into the planning etc, its not ment to be nice, it is rpr after all, its dark its dangerous its taboo, but its pushing our sexual adventures to the limits, i cant wait xx

    1. I really like this response and I’m glad you shared it!

      It is a taboo subject but again something that just flutters through my mind haha
      If only I blogged everything ?

      1. hi jodie im glad you liked my reply it was true and real, and no messing bout, so many british folks hide behind doors etc as you can see from me reply its my cousin that im playing this fantasy out with hehe taboo,,,,,, its a family thing xx

  5. Scott- I actually see a lot of mum/step mum and dad/stepdad stuff daily tbh do cousin certianly wouldn’t phase me TBH

  6. Hiya jodie… for some reason i told you that… ive not told a single person…. my cousin stayed in my hotel met my friends and partnerthen few ours later we was in bed…. then you mention mum and step mum stuff… i think il throw it out there i like tgey way you think… everuthing you say is in my mind…. then i feel the need to confess to you.. like m6 very own naught nun.. lol id love to chat more with you if its a5 all possible maybe a bit more indepth a bit more honesty etc hehe xx

  7. Hi Jodie
    A great thread i agree with what you have put i do think you can act out on your fantasies the rape role play is in my head along with many others.
    The thing with acting out your fantasies is once tried you then need another.
    One of mine is to pick up a hitch hiker and end up having sex with her ( keeping it short and not to much details)
    You need variety in the bedroom sex wise or it goes stale

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