Puking so hard I gave myself a nose bleed

As most of you know I don’t shy away from a nice tipple of whisky, and if you don’t know that then you are a cunt. I’m sorry I don’t mean that…
But you should make up for it by buying me a bottle..
Anyways last week I feel out with a friend, you know THAT kinda friend. I’m just going to clarify, I’m not dating and I don’t want to date, but I’m one of those people who: “doesn’t want you but doesn’t want anyone else to have you either” type of people.. the ” I must have full attention type of people” well him and I fell out and I expected him to come grovelling… and he didn’t!
Not really, so anyways this affected me more than one who have expected, me, Princess Jodie has feelings :O
Anyway’s I went out with my bestie for a sophisticated night on the town, its safe to say, it was sophisticated in any way whatsoever. I barely remember leaving the first pub that we went to… there’s a lot of picture evidence that I had a fantastic night so I’m going to say, I had a great night… until 5 am, when I found myself curled around my bathroom toilet, being hugged by my┬ábest friend in boxers trying to keep me warm splashing my face with water… and watching blood drip into the toilet.. turns out, I cant drink like I used too.. shame.
Ill try again next week.

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