Orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms

Now, I think the title speaks for itself here.

I am more than happy to openly talk about this and I do find that some men are too, well they don’t mind talking about girls arseholes but some become a little coy when talking about their own, but love a good finger, tongue or toy in their ass.

My actual point of this post is to find out why guys like it? I know why I like it but how do you guys even find out that you like it? Us girls never really got the experimental time for that, we kind of started to date or fuck someone who ended up shoving it our butts because their bf had seen it on some porn and thought he’d give it ago and believe he was a boss because he managed to last 3 seconds after putting it in… but for guys its been such a taboo thing, where did it all start for you guys!

So I’m trying to figure out what it is for men that’s got them into it? I mean we all know you have your prostate in your ass and giving that a little massage mid blow job is going to blow your fucking mind but how did that finger even get in there? From a girl randomly doing it to you? or you telling her to do it? HOW!
Because most men would punch you in the face if you went anywhere near their arsehole… you know what I think…

This isn’t the nineties. Every straight man should explore himself and overcome that homophobic stigma. Trust me orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms.

I think what I might actually be asking is how many men are actually open and happy about this. Because my past relationships have fluttered form punch to the throat if that thought even crossed my mind to pegging… there is absolutely no in-between when it comes to guys.

As I update my diary you’ll understand why I’m asking these questions 😉


I am the WORST admin EVER!

I am the worst admin ever but I now have my laptop back and I am back in full swing of the updates 😉

The fact that I haven’t updated this is so long sh0uld really tell you that I obviously have amazing news and I’ve clearly just been a very busy girl!!

Well yes and no… after my last holiday, I figured that I probably needed another one. All that drama…. sooo I went back to Ibiza with a friend 😉

Between the holiday and now its been work work work and play play play of course I will be filling you in on that with all the juicy details.

So apart from just shooting glamour I ventured into a new little realm of hair fetish, now you guys know I’m open to most things.. in fact… we haven’t yet found something that has sent me running, I digress, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to execute this one but apparently I did it quite well 😉
I actually really enjoyed it in fact, I can actually quite get to grips with it, there is something quite liberating about it.

I unfortunately didn’t have the hair length that was probably required but hey… lets take a look shall we… and then I’m going to go on to fingering bumholes etc, I know you guys love that…

I hope you like them!!!

Fuck Boys?! Who’s really the dumb ones?

Who’s really the dumb one?

This could turn into a huge rant or just a very well logically thought out entry….

Let’s talk about # fuckboys

Now I love a good fuck, boy, oh boy I do…. But this isn’t the fuck boys I’m talking about!

The fuck boys that don’t admit they are fuck boys are the fuck boys that fucking winding me up! ( looks like it’s going to be a rant)

Now if you are an admitted fuck boy, well done to you. Good for you boo. I like that. I respect that. But girls you need to actually listen to this shit! If he says to you
“Babe I Don’t want a relationship, with anyone, but I like seeing you I like what WE HAVE”
He genuinely does mean this, no doubt about it

For the girls that need this desiffered here you go:
He DOES NOT want a relationship, few different reasons: he doesn’t want the aggro, he’s seeing others, he plans to see others, generally doesn’t want to settle, other goals which women side track …
He probably does like seeing you; but you know when he’s not around all those other nights and you don’t hear from him? But when you’re with him it’s like tunnel vision? No one else matters, yeah.. Baby don’t be dumb.
Of course he likes what you have, he’s got pussy on tap?

BABE he literally means exactly what he says! Stop trying to change him! Focus on yourself!
If that’s what he says that’s what he means and that’s what he’s going to do, be a bad bitch, pull your shit together and listen to that fuck boy, build yourself up be strong, focus on your goals, smash them goals, get your booty in the gym, do some squats and stop being a mediocre bitch.

I think I just went from bitching about fuckboys to bitching about mediocre bitches?! Sorry y’all!!

Anyways fuck boys: If you want to be a fuck boy, be honest, lay it all out ( well done for those of you that do) fortunately I’m actually quite lucky with this, one of my fuckboys is an open book fuckboy and I love it.
From the minute I met him, he was honest, he didn’t want to date me it would ruin our friendship (the prime sentence for a fuck boy) but let’s be fair, do you think I really want to date? ??? darling, I just need my pussy eaten and one night stands are not my thing and his face is more than comfortable, but not all girls understand this.
You HAVE to be honest and make sure they 100% understand. You sit your little fuckboy ass down and you make sure they know this shit.
If you sit there and tell her, you don’t want to date but you wanna fuck and she won’t change you not wanting to date and if she doesn’t understand then you be a man and walk the fuck away mainly because she’s probably a fucking psycho if she doesn’t understand black and white and you’ll be saving yourself a fuck load of drama but also mainly because you wanna be a fuckboyboss. Take that reputation and own that shit, be a #fuckboy and everyone knows you’re a fuck boy but be one that tells it how it is! #fuckboyboss

This whole “a fuck boy is someone who pisses others off” yeah sure, why? Because they wanna fucking do that shit and they can’t.

Oh btw if you’re fugly, don’t even try and be a fuck boy mate, you’re just a cunt. STOP THAT

Anyways this was just a quick entry… But my main question was who’s really the dumb ones? Girls I’m afraid to say it’s probably us…

Let’s get logical, we find these guys who sweep us off our feet, we fall in love with their words and not their actions and we believe that they will change their mind, once they’ve already got what they want?



Bust up in Ibiza



My Ibiza bust up!

So you all know how much I love a good old sesh in Ibiza! How doesn’t!

I’m going to go straight to the bust up and then tell you about ibiza itself later on!

I came to ibiza with Ashley, you all know Ashley. My gay “best friend” which for those of you which know me you would know this friendship has long sailed. Back in January this year I tried to terminate this friendship. I was avoiding him and generally just trying to cut him out.
Around mid January Ashley had a heavy weekend of drugs and ended up left in an alley in London covered in shit and lost his car. Feeling sorry for himself he went to a family member and said he thought he had a problem. Now, let’s back track again.
Ashley is the person that when one of our friends came out as transgender his first reaction was “she got more likes than me on fb, this isn’t fair, I came out gay and only got 19 likes”
WTF! Is this kid for real! This person (our friend) has came out as transgender a huge emotional video witch we learned so much from and all he’s worried about is a fucking like on Facebook!
So at Christmas one of his friends started going to quite a few drag shows and started to wear a little makeup, Ashley said he was concerned for him, was worried that he would be going down that line.
All the attention turned to this other person. You see where is this going right.

So he had this heavy weekend and had a huge downer, Sunday night he’s bumming hard and goes to family to say he has a problem.
To which we all get the phone calls, I got round to see him.
You know when you look at someone and you can just see in their face they are proud of themselves. Full attention back onto them.
I genuinely was disgusted with him.
He said he’s been injecting meth, anyone that’s ever seen someone inject, even once, will know they state of their arms straight away, not even a fucking scratch on his arm; not a blood spot, nothing. I knew he was lying. If anything he’s probably Been sniffing Coke and getting high on poppers ?
Anyways so mr I’m feeling sorry for myself is sitting there feeling sorry ?
I made the effort and left.
The following week I checked in on him and with every check saw the lies. This person has grated on me for nearly a year and when you can see the lies it’s even harder. He went to see a counsellor who even told him he didn’t have an addiction he just needed to get out of the Friday and Saturday going out vibe!
This was all it was! He enjoyed going out with probably the wrong group of people!
After this the counsellor says she doesn’t need to see him any more. I this process I’ve checked up and done my bit.
His family has asked to keep him busy at the weekends which I did! In fact I actually stopped working for nearly 3 weeks to go round check on him keep his occupied of a weekend, have him stay over at the weekend so we knew where he was.
For me weekends are where I make my money! Specially cam! But you know me…always trying to kept others!
So three weeks of this and then one Saturday evening I ask ask to come round for drinks, he doesn’t want to? says he doesn’t want to drink because he wants to behave! That’s fine! I sit in by myself. Feeling like a bit of a loner and a little down. I don usually need people but when I ask for company I need it, but I understood that he needed to behave. Then all of sudden I get a snap chat off of his friend, you know, the one who likes to wear makeup, with pictures of him and Ashley having cocktails!
This guy has got to be joking! Giving me all that shit that he doesn’t want to drink etc
Seriously, some fucking friend! For me this was the icing on the cake! I’ve been trying to end this friendship for such a long time!
I pick him up on it and have ago! I said to him how he made me feel and how I seem to be the only one who ever cares and yet when I need someone no one including him is never there!
He responded with “I’m a drug addict you can’t have ago at me” and then went on to be Nast and vindictive. Even as low as to mention my mum and how she didn’t even want me… Can I just state here. I messaged him once and nothing nasty just how he made me feel but the second anyone picks him up on something he is a Nasty vindictive little rat.
Now I don’t want to stereotype but is this his gay side coming out ? Because not even girls as as nasty as this, and it’s always the gay guys that’s seem to be nasty, like girls will be bitch but gays just seem to claw .. Funny thing is, he thinks the mother thing bothers me… And it’s really doesn’t. Since being away from my mother my whole life has improved…
Maybe it’s because his family moved him out the house because he was frowned upon by his father? Maybe because he’s so hurt by not having approval from his family he thinks other care? Nope sorry!
Anyways times goes on and we continue to argue but this is the killer I had brought him concert tickets for Christmas which I really wanted to go to! ?
So I tried to be nice.
We also had a few trips booked. We had Amsterdam Paris and ibiza…
I actually spoke to one of his family members before we went to Amsterdam to try and get them to persuade him not to go, but there wasn’t much she could do.
We went to Amsterdam to which I avoided much to do with him to be honest. It was only a few days which was overly and done with. You read all about it anyways.

So back to ibiza, you’ve heard the background. This is just a taste of the Nasty person Ashley is. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the half of it. For those of you that know me or him you’ve probably heard a dabble of it before anyways!

In ibiza baby!!! We have a few heavy nights to start with. A few hello kitties and some booger sugar followed by balloons… Our first day out we end up in the middle of the ocean partying on the sea whilst the sun set with a huge group of stags! Absolutely amazing!
This seemed to just be the start of an amazing holiday! We met some amazing workers, amazing groups of people. Everyone from last year was here and more!
Man I love this island!
Anyways so after quite a few heavy days and feeling slightly sorry for ourself we check into Ushuaia beach hotel. Yes! The best hotel on the island and my god what a cost it came with but fuck it! You only live once right?!
I had a pretty heavy night before and wanted to get a little rest before the night out.
Took to the amazing triple King whatever the fuck it was! Was huge!
Ashley too.
Alarm goes off about 11.30 pm and I’m awake! I’m ready to seize the night! After all we are in ibiza and it’s just warming up!
Trying to wake ash, he’s not having any of it.
Doesn’t want to get up, doesn’t want to do anything: fine by me, I’ll go do it by myself ? but apparently that isn’t right either.
Well this is where he then starts to bitch at me, in ALl honesty I couldn’t tell you half the stuff he was saying because I genuinely switch off when he talks ? he just irritates me. He’s like a rotting fish.
Because I wanted to go party I’m a bad person apparently with a drug problem ? what?! Hahaha bellend.
So yeah he goes on and on and I just get more and more bored again for some reason he goes on to say how my mother doesn’t love me ?and I have no friends apparently… I think he gets his life and mine mixed up sometimes ?
We anyways because I wasn’t rising to him he just seemed to get nastier and nastier so I got up and had a little wash any for my makeup and hair done and wondered back to my other hotel! Yay! Peace and quite!
So in this process he brings up one of my friends, now I don’t have many close friends specially not girls, but recently I met this girl who no lie is my better half! She is just a gem!
I introduced Ashley and her a little while ago and Ashley hated her.
She really wasn’t very well when they met but she was still herself and polite! Just a little poorly! She’s ones of these girls ( like me) that takes no shit.
You don’t fuck with her and she doesn’t fuck with you. She’s not going to sugar coat shit!
She didn’t have much to say on Ashley which isn’t a big deal because, well in all honesty no one likes him. Which is fine. I tired.
Anyways so half way through this argument in Ushuaia he brings her up! ?
Nothing rattles me at all, nothing. But he mentioned her.
I actually feel like she’s more family than anyone’s I’ve met, and he’s never managed to rattle me before.
She is a fantastic person, this girl is a single mum with the best fucking child you will ever meet. A complete reflection on her! I’ve never met a woman so young with a child so well behaved, polite, perfect lil man!
So when he turns and says to me “you’ll end up like her one day alone with a kid in a council house” ??
Mate! This little cunt is going down! I hope I fucking do end up like her! This woman has her shit together
She isn’t a council estate whore she’s the most independent spot on caring fascinating intelligent woman I’ve ever met!
I’ve never felt the need to say anything back to him when he’s been on one but this time I had to I turned and said to him
“She’s a better person than you ever will be” as I left the room and my god the queen flipped! Within minutes of me leaving the room he has text her saying I had been bitching about her and had slept with her bf! Yes! Seriously! I couldn’t believe this little fuck.
You all know about my sex life here so you’d all have heard about it if I had ?
Fucking bellend!
I know he was trying to destroy the friendship I think it’s because it’s the first girl I’ve ever been such good friends with! He hates the fact I’ve spent the last few months with her, I think he genuinely pooped a blood vessel in his brain the first time he saw pictures of us on a night out together!

But anyways guys this was the bust up in ibiza!
It’s a little cut and shut because I just have sooo much to tell everyone about everything! It’s been months! I promise to get up to date!!!

SO here’s a story ( and video) to brighten up your Monday!

I know Monday’s can be hard work and they tend to be the shittest day of the week (well for those of you that hate your job, not meee) I love Mondays!

But anyways I thought I might share a few little experience I’ve had over my last few years of modelling, things I think might just brighten up your day, at my misfortune 😉  hope you enjoy.

A few years ago I had a home shoot, now for me a home shoot can be a little dangerous, you don’t know who might be coming into your home, their intentions etc. I only ever book home shoots from vetted portfolio sites but occasionally some of the odd ones still manage to get through the system, only very occasionally. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all ” a bed of Roses” for togs either, just as I don’t know them, they don’t know me! They don’t know who I have in the house or who might turn up, its just as unsafe for them. ( I always make sure someone knows I am working but is not in the house as I personally think its unprofessional to have people wondering around)

Well anyways this one particular sunny day I had been booked for a Vintage Hotel shoot. He arrived to pick me up mid-thirties, attractive *alarm bell one* BUT at the last minute he changed the plans he couldn’t get the room he wanted *alarm bell two* why hadn’t he already booked it already? Nowhere else was available at such short notice. He suggested we shoot at his home *alarm bell three* After meeting him, I thought… why not, seems nice enough, the house way available and we had a shoot plan ready to go! I thought….

So we get in and sit for a cup of tea to discuss some ideas, we were supposed to be shooting some vintage fashion, he said as we couldn’t get the hotel lets try a different shoot plan, lets do some glamour nude instead *what alarm bell am I on now* He pops to the car and grabs some props hes brought with him. A high vise and a hard hat *oh Jodie, Jodie Jodie*
He suggests we start in the front room and I pick the outfit. I went to my go to clothes, a silky white dress, with lace embroidery down the front, something classy but sexy, great for glamour nude! We start chatting whilst working. Talking about my job / his job. He tells me how he works for a building company ( hence the hard hat) and how he spends most of his time in the office with the admin team so hes used to the woman chit chat oh and how they all call him “hung”
Jodie being Jodie ” why do they call you hung?”
Him “because my dick is huge….”  * the bell is on a constant ring*
Me *blankly stares at him until he clicks the shutter on the camera*
Now this is where I should have called it quits, but I thought, give him the benefit of the doubt, hes been fine up till now hes just having a laugh…. WELL FUCK MY LIFE….
He then asks if we can shoot a little boudoir and move upstairs, what can I say… at this point after a little more conversation and a few more comments I wasn’t overly pleased about I should have left at this point. I should have! BUT here comes there bomb, I was in another country and this was the last shoot of the week before he was dropping me to the airport to go home! I was kinda stuck, I didn’t even have a taxi number!

A few years ago I wasn’t as confident and as forward as I am now, I wasn’t really too sure what to do in all honesty, had this sort of thing crop up now, they would be put in their place very quickly!

So anyways we head up to his room where he asks me to put on this fucking hard hat and high vise, I’m looking like a cunt at this point, but I’m thinking ” I got this, I can glam this up, go all glamour on this outfit, you got this” Mate, I still looked like a fucking cunt no matter how much I sugar coated it.

We’re shooting this outfit on the bed, he asks me to pull a few different poses and then suggests I “ride” his pillow (his words)
“no mate, no”
I tried to make it a little cute and sweet but gave up and said nope, I’m not comfortable… ok so he changes the plan.

He sits at the head of the bed and asks me to pose as if I’m crawling up the bed, granted, he had quite a big bed, but not THAT big, he sat open legged and asked me to crawl up.

“erm, I’m not crawling”
“well just stay there but pretend”
*she stares blankly*
It goes on like this, more awkward suggestions, more sexually fueled comments, oh my god just get me out of here!
I finally get to the point that I tell him I needed to get to the airport early as I didn’t want to be rushing because I had no clue where I was. he was fine about this.
He jumped up off the bed and I started to pack my things away, he stands on the other side of the bed to me and were chatting. Out of the blue he says

“do you mind if I have a quick wank”
So I laughed and said “yeah sure why no ha” and then I looked up and he starts to pull down his trousers
“oh my god, no! I was joking! don’t”

to which he asks me:

“are you joking? I cant wank?” ~

Where the hell did I find this man! WTF!

He then disappeared off to the toilet for a good few minutes before he comes out, looking suspiciously calmer and ready to drop me at the airport…..

So yeah basically I met a wanker….

And if that didn’t make you smile just a little I hope this does: