Orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms

Now, I think the title speaks for itself here.

I am more than happy to openly talk about this and I do find that some men are too, well they don’t mind talking about girls arseholes but some become a little coy when talking about their own, but love a good finger, tongue or toy in their ass.

My actual point of this post is to find out why guys like it? I know why I like it but how do you guys even find out that you like it? Us girls never really got the experimental time for that, we kind of started to date or fuck someone who ended up shoving it our butts because their bf had seen it on some porn and thought he’d give it ago and believe he was a boss because he managed to last 3 seconds after putting it in… but for guys its been such a taboo thing, where did it all start for you guys!

So I’m trying to figure out what it is for men that’s got them into it? I mean we all know you have your prostate in your ass and giving that a little massage mid blow job is going to blow your fucking mind but how did that finger even get in there? From a girl randomly doing it to you? or you telling her to do it? HOW!
Because most men would punch you in the face if you went anywhere near their arsehole… you know what I think…

This isn’t the nineties. Every straight man should explore himself and overcome that homophobic stigma. Trust me orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms.

I think what I might actually be asking is how many men are actually open and happy about this. Because my past relationships have fluttered form punch to the throat if that thought even crossed my mind to pegging… there is absolutely no in-between when it comes to guys.

As I update my diary you’ll understand why I’m asking these questions 😉


6 thoughts on “Orgasming while having your prostate stimulated is the holy grail of orgasms”

  1. I met a girl (a schoolteacher no less) in a club once, & took her home, like you do.

    During our drunken fuck in bed I thought I’d reach round and slide a finger in her bum. It seemed a pretty good idea at the time until she whispered “sorry I don’t like anything in there”.

    My initial disappointment subsided in seconds as I felt 2 of het fingers pop straight in my ass. Thus, my anal virginity was broken. It’s had tongues and toys and all sorts in it ever since.



      1. Lifes too freakin short to not maximize the pleasure. Having it straponed by a woman is all I have left to achieve there.

  2. I was getting sucked off and making all the signs that I was gonna cum and without invite had a finger up my ass for one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.
    It’s hard to have that conversation with a new girlfriend because if they say they aren’t into anal then it’s even trickier to say how much you like it on yourself with all the stigma but after a non sexual massage from her when she was getting towards my ass I made noises of enjoyment and she went on from there. She now fingers my ass every opportunity =D

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