Orgasm at the doctors surgery …

I swear to God I nearly had an orgasm in my doctor’s surgery today it was quite an experience!
So this morning I thought I better go to the doctors and just have a general check up because apparently when you turn 25 the doctors can tell from your vagina if you have any problems (smear test) I’m not 100% sure this is true, I think it’s just a way doctors get their kicks… but okay. I’ll accept the foreign object rummaging around in my vag.

So she tells me to jump up on the bed and to take off my knickers, bit forward of her I know… but hey I like to be a little submissive from time to time, so I jump up onto the bed and take my panties off and chuck my legs up 😉 for better insertion apparently … so with that she pulls out this anal stretcher, now I know that’s not what it’s called but that’s the only name I know for it, she covers this thing in lube puts her gloves on and the first thing that runs through my mind is “she’s blates seen my browser history”

She’s covered this thing is lube and inserts it, not in the same way I watched Christy Mack do to … ermmm what’s her name… the one on called … ermmm I’m digressing. So yeah she jams this thing in my vag and like a tyre jack starts pumping away at this thing… so now my vag is lubed up and wide. The only picture I’m seeing right now is a stuffed plucked chicken ready to go in the oven… although I know my vag is much more beautiful than that.

Anyways so now she starts adding implements to the equation, and having a good old rummage around with these extra sticks she found on the side. She looks at me from between my spread legs and says, I can’t find the entrance to your womb ( probably because the “man” destroyed it last night whilst we were off our tits on a little mushy trip) she carries on rummaging, pushing this implement all over the place. I’m not even joking, that G-spot she hit a hundred times… she even had a little giggle with me, she blates wanted me … she knewwww what she was up to ?

Basically long story cut short, I had my vagina probed and then I had to go home and furiously masturbate to get over my morning ordeal!

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  1. This has definitely put all of my visits to the doctors into prospective, women again have drawn the short straw in terms of being poked and prodded, although in this instance I think you may of hit the jack pot lol.

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