Ollie Alexander


So it’s time to do a little recap on the week just gone:
I left Venice on Friday night ? got home early hours and then headed down to Christchurch for the week. Christchurch was beautiful Saturday, the sun was out and the sea looked beautiful!
Christchurch was kind of a working holiday for me, shooting all afternoon Saturday, Sunday and Monday then at Years and Years concert Monday night! ? what a great concert! We (ash and I) saw them last year at Ibiza Rocks opening party, and they didn’t fail us this time either. The are such good performers! If anyone gets to see it on repeat we were the two muppets next to Hannah and Lewis who Ollie had a little chat to mid concert! Oh man it was the best!
After the show we did the whole groupie thing and waited behind the stage for him *** stalker alert *** I had my chloroform ready at hand … I’m joking…. ?
Anyways here is our after party pic! Yes Ollie held my phone ????


His supporting acts were pretty good too tbh, the first one wasn’t as good as the second supporting act but we all have to start somewhere…
Oh three songs away from the end these jumped up little wank stain of kids pushed in front of us and not trying to sound too groupie here, we’d been near the front for the whole show and these little cunts pushed us all back, I wouldn’t have minded so much but they literally pushed us and I’m only little ? and these boys blocked all of our view ? it was kinda mean.
But hey ho we got to meet him after soo I guess we can moan too much….

Next catch up…..

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