My biggest confession yet!

For those of you that do keep up to date with my diary I posted a few weeks ago about a few certain people 2 boys and a girl. Casanova, Romeo and a girl.
Well that situation has completely fucking blown up hasn’t it!

Right lets recap- Casanova was the fuck boy, a self admitted fuck boy, my long term incredibly good friend (he still is) but he is no longer my fuck boy.
Romeo- I think I descried him as “without fail a full on 10/10 beautiful specimen of a man with an amazing personality, laid back, carefree….” I basically blew his horn from the word go. Not his dick, his ego. Although given the chance I probably would have blown that horn. He’s taken more of a permanent position on my life recently.
And the girl, well I still have the upmost respect for her but after the accusation in Ibiza that I has banged Romeo and not told her, I kinda found this more annoying as time has gone on, and mine and her friendship has flattened recently. Although still friends certainly not as good as we were.

At the time of the accusation Romeo and I certainly had not fucked, kissed….. nothing. Granted we always ended up the last two standing after a night out and curling in a ball on the sofa with eachother feeling sorry for ourselves, but nothing past that.
The weekend I got back from Ibiza, Romeo had been at some music festival and didn’t want to drive home soo he crashed at mine for a few days. WE had the conversation of “everyone’s saying we have so we might as well just do it” convo… which didn’t actually happen instead he pulled out the big guns, went down on me, made me fucking drench he face within seconds * YES SECONDS* stood up after, whipped his mouth, smirked and suggested we went for food…. Romeo just turned into an Eros, that boy ruined my soul with his tongue! <3

From this point onward, I’ve been in a trance.
And now its probably time for my biggest confession yet…. I think, I might just like this one.

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