I am the WORST admin EVER!

I am the worst admin ever but I now have my laptop back and I am back in full swing of the updates 😉

The fact that I haven’t updated this is so long sh0uld really tell you that I obviously have amazing news and I’ve clearly just been a very busy girl!!

Well yes and no… after my last holiday, I figured that I probably needed another one. All that drama…. sooo I went back to Ibiza with a friend 😉

Between the holiday and now its been work work work and play play play of course I will be filling you in on that with all the juicy details.

So apart from just shooting glamour I ventured into a new little realm of hair fetish, now you guys know I’m open to most things.. in fact… we haven’t yet found something that has sent me running, I digress, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to execute this one but apparently I did it quite well 😉
I actually really enjoyed it in fact, I can actually quite get to grips with it, there is something quite liberating about it.

I unfortunately didn’t have the hair length that was probably required but hey… lets take a look shall we… and then I’m going to go on to fingering bumholes etc, I know you guys love that…

I hope you like them!!!

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