Fuck Boys?! Who’s really the dumb ones?

Who’s really the dumb one?

This could turn into a huge rant or just a very well logically thought out entry….

Let’s talk about # fuckboys

Now I love a good fuck, boy, oh boy I do…. But this isn’t the fuck boys I’m talking about!

The fuck boys that don’t admit they are fuck boys are the fuck boys that fucking winding me up! ( looks like it’s going to be a rant)

Now if you are an admitted fuck boy, well done to you. Good for you boo. I like that. I respect that. But girls you need to actually listen to this shit! If he says to you
“Babe I Don’t want a relationship, with anyone, but I like seeing you I like what WE HAVE”
He genuinely does mean this, no doubt about it

For the girls that need this desiffered here you go:
He DOES NOT want a relationship, few different reasons: he doesn’t want the aggro, he’s seeing others, he plans to see others, generally doesn’t want to settle, other goals which women side track …
He probably does like seeing you; but you know when he’s not around all those other nights and you don’t hear from him? But when you’re with him it’s like tunnel vision? No one else matters, yeah.. Baby don’t be dumb.
Of course he likes what you have, he’s got pussy on tap?

BABE he literally means exactly what he says! Stop trying to change him! Focus on yourself!
If that’s what he says that’s what he means and that’s what he’s going to do, be a bad bitch, pull your shit together and listen to that fuck boy, build yourself up be strong, focus on your goals, smash them goals, get your booty in the gym, do some squats and stop being a mediocre bitch.

I think I just went from bitching about fuckboys to bitching about mediocre bitches?! Sorry y’all!!

Anyways fuck boys: If you want to be a fuck boy, be honest, lay it all out ( well done for those of you that do) fortunately I’m actually quite lucky with this, one of my fuckboys is an open book fuckboy and I love it.
From the minute I met him, he was honest, he didn’t want to date me it would ruin our friendship (the prime sentence for a fuck boy) but let’s be fair, do you think I really want to date? ??? darling, I just need my pussy eaten and one night stands are not my thing and his face is more than comfortable, but not all girls understand this.
You HAVE to be honest and make sure they 100% understand. You sit your little fuckboy ass down and you make sure they know this shit.
If you sit there and tell her, you don’t want to date but you wanna fuck and she won’t change you not wanting to date and if she doesn’t understand then you be a man and walk the fuck away mainly because she’s probably a fucking psycho if she doesn’t understand black and white and you’ll be saving yourself a fuck load of drama but also mainly because you wanna be a fuckboyboss. Take that reputation and own that shit, be a #fuckboy and everyone knows you’re a fuck boy but be one that tells it how it is! #fuckboyboss

This whole “a fuck boy is someone who pisses others off” yeah sure, why? Because they wanna fucking do that shit and they can’t.

Oh btw if you’re fugly, don’t even try and be a fuck boy mate, you’re just a cunt. STOP THAT

Anyways this was just a quick entry… But my main question was who’s really the dumb ones? Girls I’m afraid to say it’s probably us…

Let’s get logical, we find these guys who sweep us off our feet, we fall in love with their words and not their actions and we believe that they will change their mind, once they’ve already got what they want?



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