Everything You Touch Turns To GOLD

I had my second ever (by myself) train/underground journey on Wednesday!
Lets start back at the beginning! I don’t like trains, I mean, I really don’t like them! I don’t understand them, specially the underground. I don’t understand it at all I don’t know east/west green/blue/red I DONT get it!
My best friend Ash tries his absolute hardest to show me and explain to me, I’m slowly getting there!
my day started terribly, I woke up at 2.30am wide awake! I had to be up for 8 to get ready for work and to get to the train station on time, well 2.30 was a little too early! So I tossed and turned and got more and more wound up and then 7 comes and guess who’s getting sleepy! finally! an hours nap should do! I start falling off to sleep and then… BANG SLAM CRASH BANG

YUP you got it! Mr Knob is awake and crashing around! (name given by one of my favs on MFC Mr Swisstony)
This is literally how I feel every morning now! its driving me crazy!

Back to “The Gold Story” so after being rudely awakened yet fucking again I got myself up, showered chucked a little makeup on and ordered a taxi, do you think the taxi was on time? No of course it fucking wasn’t! So I missed my 9:33 train to London next train 10:03… after a call to the taxi peoples… again didn’t show up! Finally 9:57 the taxi turns up… there is a chance I can make it! A small small chance! We pull out of my road and turn left to be stuck behind a truck waiting for a blind lady to cross the road, honestly I am not making this up, she was waving her stick all over the place. We didn’t move for ages, we are now about 30 seconds from the station and this god damn car pulls round the right of us in-front! like seriously what is going on with the huge fucking cunts on the road today!

I ended up getting to the station at 10:05 missed the cunting train and had to wait till 10:33 for the next pile of crap to turn up. I swear it was not my morning!

I finally got into London, I even worked my way around the underground- with a suit case! Yes I am a master!

Well anyways I met the lovely James  ( photographer) and Niki ( MUA) for the day. We took a little stroll over to the studio.

Now this is where the fun begins. We started with a little basic makeup to get the day moving and just a few little outfits 😀image1 image5

This was the basic stuffs!!


image4 image2

This was soo fun! Niki spent so much time perfecting this! It was absolutely the bestest shoot so far!

I love this sorta thing! I love being all gold too hehe, because I am a princess right!
Anyways ill show you the results of this pretty soon…. ps this is how the shoot ended hehehehe



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