Discovering “ohmibod”

I have never been so happy!!

So I’m sure you all had a wonderful, sex fuelled, rose covered, champagne drinking,lovey dovey, wank-a-thon on Valentines day… I on the other hand spent the day with something vibrating in my knickers with cum dripping down my legs.. yeah it was AMAZING!
So, Last year I went to America to Fantasy Fest to be precise, where I picked up a nice little toy called “ohmibod”  pretty much sums up what its all about in the name! It’s a little pantie liner thingy that sits in your knickers and reacts to sounds/songs etc all through an app.. its pretty fun!
Well I woke up, yet again single, on V-day, nothing new there aye? And I thought I’d make myself some nice breakfast, do my hair and makeup, grab a bottle of prosecco, put something a little sexy on and spend it with m fav people, my webcammers!!
Painting my nails on cam one of them started talking about this little toy, which I completely forgot I had! OH GAME ON!
My little toy went straight in my knickers and spent the rest of the day there! Its honestly become my best friend!

Wanna see it in action? come visit my page!


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