cum, fire and crash!

What a fucking week!

CUM :You know that phrase “pull out” well the arsehole didn’t and now I’m having mini heart attacks every time I think about eating salmon, baked beans and rice pudding as a mix…

FIRE: I thought id cook myself a nice meaty gammon steak with a bit of yummy sauce. Turned the grill on, set the grill alight, set the oven alight… nearly burned down the house…

CRASH: Thought I’d expand my working experience and head over to help teach a business development course with a lovely friend. Well after a terrible night sleep, waking up a little too late, not showering and heading to the conference, I stopped for Directions to the visitors centre, was given great direction by a lovely looking young lady…. then reversed my car into a wet dyke, no, not my mother, an actually river bank…IMG_8033

YES I am ok and thankfully the car is ok and no-one else was hurt!

Luckily enough there was a garage about 50 yards from where I was who come down to help, they managed to pull the car out with minimal damage, only my pride. They even put it up on that big ramp thing and took a look underneath to check and make sure nothing was damaged, they cleaned all the mud away and put the plastic bits back on! I couldn’t thank them enough tbh, they were absolutely great with me.
Probably the best service I’ve ever received from a garage!

Roger & Andrews Motors
Lakeside Garage,Ramsgate Road,
Kent,CT13 9ND                       THANKYOU!

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