Clothed female- naked male ?

Did I ever tell you about the time I walked into a porno… and had to see it through!

So a few years ago, back in the day, little old me received an email from this particular person asking if I would be interested in coming along to a video shoot.
I hardly ever had emails come directly to me, it was usually through my work accounts or something like that, so a little skeptical, I replied asking for more details as I wasn’t really too sure what was being offered, and the pay was … quite good!
So the response basically calmed my nerves, he offered me to bring a friend! GREAT! Can’t be anything dodgy going on here ….. ?
He specifically said no adult, I will not be participating in anything adult… ??
He even sent me some links…. do you think I took the time to look at them….naa of course I didn’t ?

So I toodle along on the day and am welcomed by this lovely guy, walk into the studio….. 4 other girls are there and 4 other guys …. hmmm

Seems legit.

“Can you sign all this please Jodie, release forms etc” standard

“What would you like me to wear”
“Nothing to revealing but sexy, maybe a dress or something”

Dressed I get…

“Okay girls through to the studio we go…”

“Girls if you 4 sit on the sofa there, Beth you sit there”

“Now, were going to go through the script in stills first and then the video. This will make it easier for everyone to know the script and what will be happening at what time”

“We’ve got two videos to do today, should wrap up in about 2 hours tops”

?Did he just say two hours? I’ve literally just been paid a weeks wage for two hours work… ??? ?? see this, these are fucking alarm bells!

So we start with the script, shooting in stills.
Story line for this first script ‘girls night in’
We’ve been invited round Beth’s for a few drinks, she’s got a little game for us, the game is called cock betting…
?owww bringing a bit of a Far East culture into a little video were doing! Great! Who’s putting on Prince or Persia? Although I’m sure it’s been banned in the United Kingdom since the 19th Century?

*Enters two men, naked, bounded and gagged* ?

Definitely not what I expected to see, two stonking dicks points to the fucking ceiling. Let me just clarify this, this was not the cock betting I thought it was, there were no roosters … well their flappy ball bags hung like a roosters neck… so I guess that’s where the resemblance is….

?WTF have I got myself into,
Why the fuck are there two naked men in front of me,
Why the fuck have they got boners and why the fuck is no one else surprised* act cool Jode, you got this … not literally, well I hope I Fucking don’t.

So the story continues…

“you’ll be betting on which man will cum first”

?cum first? These fuckers have pre-cum dripping from their fucking knobs, hang on, how are they cumming?

“The betting will start when the two girls start giving them a hand job, the one that cums first loses”

?Does he? Does he really? Wait! What two girls?
“The guy who’s last will then have a bet to see if he can last having a blow job… firstly from one girl and then both girls will suck him off”


Well anyways turns out it was the two girls sitting next to me that would be getting smashed all over the place.

Now I can sit back and just watch the action, you’d think that was the case anyways.

“Cut!” “Monkey face!” “POV” “chocking”

I’ve never been so bored watching porn…

“Money shot”

????? Spunk all over the carpet…

?who the fuck cleans that up? Who actually cleans up after all this?

?I think a little spunk hit my leg, do I wipe it off, do I leave it. Do I make him lick it off. I’m just about ready to have a mental break down…

Anyways check out for the full video ??

Enjoy Wankers

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