Another visit to the doctors …

So I went to the doctor again recently, you know, those check ups us ladies have to have. Fun ?

I can’t say it was anything too different than normal, scrubbed my vag before I went, made sure it was hairless, as per.

Sat in a doctors waiting room for an hour waiting to be seen.

Strangely I’d be assigned someone new?! Not a nurse, nor a lady. A male… a MALE.

We’re going over the usual questions:
How many sexual partners in the last six months? 1
Periods? regular
Protection ?  none ..
No pill? No
Do you use condoms? No *oh my god- how does a doctor asking you if you use Johnny’s make you feel like the worst human being ever”
So are you trying to get pregnant? no
So what do you do to protect yourself from getting pregnant- Anal but sometimes he just pulls out or I’ll just give him head ?

Apparently I’ve been reassigned back to my old nurse ❤️

In other news; last years latex shoot went into another magazine

Thanks Guys

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2 thoughts on “Another visit to the doctors …”

  1. Hahaha great and bit kinky too . It’s first time I read your diary and love it . I swear I can read you all the day and all the way mmmmmm . You are amazing in beauty and thought mmmmmm
    Xxo love

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