A “normal” week/ Keeping his marriage going….

/ Just a quickie really…
You all saw my body paint day which was just wonderful!!
Friday last week I had my first “girls night in” shoot which was fun!  image2 (2)

I am more than sure you’ll see the results of this pretty soon!
Saturday and Sunday were a pretty standard lazy weekend for me..

I  figured something out this weekend actually… Mr knob head… throughout the day he knows how to close a door, like he actually doesn’t let the door slam, but at 6am he reverts back to a complete fucking retard apparently.

BTW its 1:58am he just got home, do you know how I know he just got home? Because I heard him trying to break the door down.. oh I mean coming in the front door… seriously though, what is this mans deal? I’m not sure I can write about killing people on here, just in case.. you know … he goes missing… I haven’t really got a good enough lawyer for that sorta shit!

Ermm bad sex guy? remember him.. yeah well forget about that, that’s all over and done with!

Now onto my new endeavour, I so wish I could put devil horns here! I may have accidentally got involved with a married man. Now as you know, I am completely innocent and I don’t believe in cheating… I don’t, honest! BUT I didn’t know he was married… until now, and me being an absolute angel have decided its best that I keep seeing him … WHAT WHO SAID THAT !
Jodie you bad bad girl! I actually have a pretty good reasoning for this: He’s cheating because he’s not getting what he needs out of his marriage

*enter Jodie*
If he’s finding what he needs elsewhere (just adding WE haven’t fucked) but he’s being unfaithful BUT his marriage gets stronger? isn’t that a good thing? Wife’s happier etc he tends her needs better etc?  is it really such a bad thing? ( yes this is under normal week)

I wouldn’t actually mind your thoughts on this… I’m pretty sure there is a comment box around here somewhere so feel free to express our opinions.

I’m not sure who else I’ve been pissballing about with this week actually, all the FBs are keeping in-line this month, I think its because they know I’m going away so they have to be on their best behaviour <3

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